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Chancery Square Disaster Preparedness Meeting


Saturday, April 19, 2014

10:00 a.m.

City Hall


Coffee and Donuts


In the ongoing effort to prepare our community for an unforeseen disaster, the HOA continues to develop a management plan Chancery Square.  Please attend this important meeting hosted by Mr. Ken Rudnicki, Emergency Coordinator for the  City of Fairfax.  To be prepared, we all must be informed.

The next meeting for the HOA Board of Directors is June 5 at 7 pm

The Social Committee has a full calendar of fun events for 2014.  Please click on Events Calendar to see the details.

About Our Community

Chancery Square is a community of 102 townhomes located near the center of Fairfax City, Virginia. The Chancery Square Homeowners Association (HOA) seeks to make Chancery Square the most desirable place to live in Fairfax City by: 

  • Maintaining and developing the property and the community appearance

  • Developing and encouraging a sense of community among the home owners

  • Assisting homeowners in solving problems that affect the livability, appearance and value of the community

The Chancery Square community is subject to the provisions of the Virginia Property Owners’ Act, as well as association bylaws, rules and regulations. Living in a community association carries with it certain rights and responsibilities. Some of the governing HOA documents are available in electronic format and may be found by clicking on the Covenants & Forms tab above.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us at  comments@chancerysquare.net.